Do you take my insurance?

After 5 years in the therapy world one thing became obvious, health insurance companies benefit more from a client’s health care plan than the patient who pays for it. The companies achieve this by manipulating and influencing treatment that patients receive at “in-network” clinics.

In-network clinics require a business model that rarely allows their facilities to survive financially while providing high-level patient care. We chose to be an out-of-network provider in order to put the patient in charge of their health care and to only provide high quality physical therapy services.

In-network clinics are being driven to see 2 or more patients an hour where technicians and assistants are utilized due to decreased reimbursement rates from their insurance providers. Patients are seen 2-3 visits a week with modalities (e-stim, ultrasound, heat/cold packs, etc.) used frequently, and their remaining time involves performing exercises that they could do on their own time.

All of our sessions are one-on-one hour long sessions (unless the patient chooses a 30 minute Tune-up session) with a fully trained physical therapist. Laura is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has taken over 200 hours of continuing education courses to provide you effective manual techniques that speed up your recovery. We perform hands on treatment with short exercise instruction/review so you get the most out of your health care investment. Most of our patients only book one visit a week to achieve their goals.

This financially saves you time and money (travel costs/loss of time at work) while reducing pain and improving function. Our out-of-network rate is less than most patient copays, co-insurance, or full payment per visit (pre-deductible) at an in-network provider.

How can this be true?

Due to the extreme rise of deductibles in the last few years patients are suffering when they try to utilize their therapy benefits.  Many of our patients have not reached their deductibles yet and have high copays. They pay less for our personalized hour long treatments than they would if they went to a clinic that accepts their insurance (in-network facility).